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The Goal of Habitat Restoration & Why It's Crucial to Hawaii's Landscape December 5, 2017

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
The Goal of Habitat Restoration & Why It's Crucial to Hawaii's Landscape, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Hawaii has always been a stunning tropical paradise, leaving visitors dreaming of beaches, palm trees, and wild Hibiscus bushes. Unfortunately, even the most gorgeous landscapes can be damaged by overuse and abuse, which is why habitat restoration is essential. To understand the importance of the process, consider its effects. 

Understanding Habitat Restoration

One of the downsides of letting people enjoy gorgeous natural locations is the toll visitors have on the land. Trails are carved into the lush wilderness and native animal species are pushed back, changing the health of the landscape. Eventually, the land can become inhospitable to the native plants and animals that once enjoyed the space, producing a significant impact on its long-term viability. 

The goal of habitat restoration is to rebuild the natural ecosystem through early intervention. By planting indigenous plants and working hard to make the area welcoming to wildlife, the process restores ecosystems into healthier, happier places people can share with natural inhabitants. 

Why This Landscaping Service Matters

Habitat restorationAlthough a few trampled paths might seem to be of little consequence, small wilderness changes can have a lasting effect on the land. For example, in areas where certain animals are hunted, that human intervention has resulted in a surplus of insects that would have been eaten by the hunted animals, creating an even bigger divide between healthy land and areas affected by overuse. Habitat restoration finds a balance so plants, animals, and humans can occupy a place harmoniously. 


Whether you are embarking on a habitat restoration project or simply want to fill your land with gorgeous indigenous plants, Hui Kū Maoli Ola Native Hawaiian Plant Specialists in Kaneohe, HI, can help. In addition to carrying thousands of native Hawaiian plants, this nursery and garden center offers expert landscaping services, hydroseeding, and xeriscaping. To learn more about how to preserve your land, visit their website or call (808) 235-6165 to speak with a landscaper. Like them on Facebook for tips and updates about their projects.

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