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Eye Test Specialists Explain Lazy Eye November 10, 2017

Talladega, Talladega
Eye Test Specialists Explain Lazy Eye, Talladega, Alabama

The sensitive nature of eyes makes them susceptible to numerous health conditions. According to the staff Talladega Ophthalmology Clinic in Talladega, AL, lazy eye is one of the more common issues and is a leading cause of vision loss when untreated. It’s important to understand this condition so you can identify any symptoms to share with your eye doctor during your next eye test. Early treatment can have a significant impact on sustaining vision quality.

What Is Lazy Eye?

eye-testAmblyopia, more commonly known as “lazy eye,” is a degenerative vision condition that affects how the brain receives images. In most cases, it only affects one eye, which is considered “lazy,” as it’s unable to properly match the vision of the other. For patients suffering from lazy eye, they may experience blurry or reduced vision when not using contacts or glasses, as the brain can’t completely compute the images being sent to it. It can occur at any age, which is why it’s important to have a regular eye test to check for warning signs. When untreated long enough, lazy eye can result in vision loss as well as poor depth perception and decreased 3D vision.

How Is It Treated?

When caught early during an eye test, lazy eye is highly treatable and has a strong recovery rate. Once an eye doctor diagnoses it, patients will receive corrective lenses to balance out the strength of each eye so they’re equal. This is meant to reduce strain on the lazy eye that’s trying to keep up and will prevent damage caused by it. Corrective lenses provide consistent maintenance for lazy eye and may even lead to slight improvement in cases with younger patients, so don’t delay speaking to an eye doctor if you recognize symptoms.

If you’re interested in learning more about lazy eye or other vision conditions, turn to specialists at Talladega Ophthalmology Clinic. They offer comprehensive ophthalmology services and are dedicated to helping patients maintain their vision. Call (256) 362-1590 today to schedule an eye test and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their practice.

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