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This Christian Business Directory Explains Why People Still Love The Printed Word March 3, 2015

Towson, Baltimore County
This Christian Business Directory Explains Why People Still Love The Printed Word, Towson, Maryland

We communicate through quick text messages. We get driving directions from the GPS in our dashboards. We seek answers from the personal assistants in our phones. In a world seemingly run by technology, it’s easy to assume that the printed word is dead. But are books, newspapers, catalogs, and the like really on the way out? The answer might surprise you.

Studies have shown that print--especially print advertising--is still going strong. Popular businesses with websites and online advertising, like Airbnb and TD Ameritrade, have recently chosen to launch their own print publications to advertise their services. The reasoning behind this decision is simple and backed by research: print is a thriving industry and an ideal way to reach customers across all socioeconomic backgrounds. Here are some of print's benefits:

  • Businesses can get a better, clearer profile of readers than ever before; this is where technology supports the printed word. With most of us having some sort of web presence today, a business can conduct a little research and find out exactly what makes its clients tick.
  • Print advertising is also a secure way to get readers to complete forms; digital forms are met with more and more hesitation due to security concerns. 
  • When you advertise in print, you can be assured your readership will spend a lot more time with your publication; studies show that readers spend more time with a printed publication than its digital counterpart.

When it comes to reaching your audience through the printed word, choose The Shepherd's Guide, a Christian business directory. You can be assured that your business' details are reaching the audience you want to target, and in a format that is proven to be reliable and lucrative to your brand. Call (410) 821-7000 or visit The Shepherd's Guide website to put your business listing in print today!

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