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Elderly Care Experts Share 4 Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease December 19, 2017

Elderly Care Experts Share 4 Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, West Plains, Missouri

Alzheimer’s disease affects roughly 5 million Americans, which means a case is diagnosed every 66 seconds. This degenerative brain condition is marked by forgetfulness and an inability to retain new memories and information. Although there is no cure, the chance of limiting the effects of the disease improves with early detection. To help you recognize the initial stages, the elderly care experts at West Vue, a retirement community in West Plains, MO, share indications a loved one might need memory care.

Elderly Care Specialists Share Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

1. Changes in Mood or Personality

If you notice sudden shifts in someone’s behaviors or state of mind, watch them closely. While general crankiness is normal for an aging or ill person, it also can be an early manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease. If your loved one becomes fearful or suspicious of people around them or is anxious and combative with friends and family, have them evaluated at a medical care center.

2. Inability to Complete Basic Tasks

Elderley careAn increasingly messy home, incomplete chores, unpaid bills, and poor personal hygiene are early signs an individual might have Alzheimer’s disease. People with deteriorating brain function often fail to remember whether they finished tasks like bathing and washing dishes, and they even might forget how to do them. If you think a loved one no longer can look after their daily responsibilities, consider having them move to an elderly care center.

3. Frequent Bouts of Forgetfulness

Chronic forgetfulness is the most recognized sign of Alzheimer’s disease. Individuals at first might forget simple things like birthdays and appointments, then could struggle to recall recent events. As the disease progresses, they even might fail to remember people, places, and milestones that have personal significance.

4. Trouble With Language

The effects of Alzheimer’s disease often make it hard for a person to read, write, and participate in conversations. Some individuals will lose their train of thought mid-sentence or use incorrect words. If you notice a senior has these difficulties, contact a memory care specialist immediately.

If you are worried a loved one is developing Alzheimer’s disease and would like to seek early intervention, contact the elderly care professionals at West Vue in West Plains, MO. This retirement community has independent, assisted living, and skilled medical care options to meet their needs. To discuss their services, call (417) 256-2152 for their Davis Drive location or (417) 256-1292 for their North Kentucky Avenue residence. You also can contact the senior care center on their website.

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