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Iliopsoas Trigger Points Cause Back Pain November 6, 2017

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Iliopsoas Trigger Points Cause Back Pain, Lincoln, Nebraska

Iliopsoas Trigger Points Cause Back Pain

Experiencing mid-low back pain? If the pain worse when you are standing, makes it difficult to get out of a deep-seated chair and you feel pain in the front of the thigh you may have trigger points in the iliopsoas muscles. When these trigger points are active you can find it difficult to stand upright and may find you have to crawl.

This important group of muscles (Psoas and Iliacus) connect the spine to the legs. When they work together, there is flexion at the hip. The Psoas assists with extending the lumbar spine, is active when standing or sitting and helps maintain an upright posture. The iliacus is minimally active during standing and assists in moving the thigh away from the body and rotating it laterally. These muscles are active during jogging, running or sprinting.

Trigger points in these muscles have various causes. A slip and fall is an accidental strain on the muscles that can result in the formation of these trigger points. A sitting posture with your knees higher than your hips, like when you sit in a bucket seat or sit hugging your knees can lead to the formation of trigger points in these muscles. Movements in your exercise routine like straight-legged sit-ups or tightness in your quadriceps are another probable cause of trigger point development in the iliopsoas muscles. Those experiencing constipation may experience low back pain until they are able to pass the stool due to pressure on the psoas trigger points.

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