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3 Groundhog Removal & Control Tips November 10, 2017

Cleves, Miami
3 Groundhog Removal & Control Tips, Miami, Ohio

Coping with a wildlife invasion can be challenging, and it’s in your best interest to address the problem quickly. One common pest you might encounter is the groundhog. Successful groundhog removal involves taking a few key steps to resolve the invasion.

3 Steps to Groundhog Removal

1. Clear the Yard

Groundhogs tend to proliferate in spaces where something appeals to them. In your yard, for example, you might have covered areas that provide them with shelter and comfort, such as piles of rocks or stacks of wood. Groundhogs are also drawn to specific crops, such as alfalfa, peas, corn, and clover. Once you eliminate these sources, you instantly reducing your yard’s appeal.

2. Protect the Garden

Cincinnati, OH groundhog removalYou don’t have to stop gardening completely in your groundhog removal efforts, though. Ground black pepper and talcum powder are harmless substances that, when sprinkled around the garden’s edge, may prevent groundhogs from invading the space and leave your plants fresh.

3. Practice Control

There are several key methods of groundhog removal. You might attempt to use a groundhog trap, which corners the animal and prevents it from escaping. You can also try an electronic repellent or a sprinkler designed to keep pests away from your landscape. Groundhogs can bite and transmit diseases, so if you have one on your property, contact a professional service to deal with the animal.


Enjoy a woodchuck-free yard by practicing a few key removal methods. If these pests prove stubborn, however, contact A.S.A.P. Critter People in Cincinnati, OH, for professional control. The team will help you with your groundhog removal needs, efficiently and humanely. You can also count on this animal removal service to handle raccoons, skunks, snakes, opossums, and bats. Visit their website for more information or call (513) 941-9258 to schedule a visit.

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