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What to Do After a Wreck That Causes Personal Injury November 3, 2017

Kalispell, Flathead
What to Do After a Wreck That Causes Personal Injury , Kalispell, Montana

An auto accident can happen in an instant and when you least expect it. How do you react? After a wreck, if you suffer a personal injury you want to know what to do. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help prepare you for the unexpected event of a car accident.     

A Guide to Conduct After Suffering Personal Injury in a Wreck

Call for Help

Call 911 or ask someone to call for you, and remain at the scene or as close to it as safety allows until help arrives. Attorneys will tell you that leaving, except in a medical emergency, can subject you to criminal charges. Check on the condition of the others involved in the accident and seek medical attention for anyone who is hurt.

Record the Scene

personal injuryExchange contact and insurance information with the other drivers, but don’t make any statements that could indicate you were at fault. Take pictures of the accident scene, including property damage and your personal injury. Note any issues such as faulty traffic signals or obstructed views. Find out if there are witnesses, ask what they saw or heard, and obtain their contact information.

Contact an Attorney

Consulting a personal injury attorney for advice and representation to protect your interests is a wise move. Insurance companies look for ways to pay as little as possible on claims and to deny coverage when they can. Your lawyer will fight for you to get full compensation for your damages, and work to protect you from claims against you.


Attorney Alex Evans of Glacier Law Firm in Kalispell, Montana, provides vigorous and effective representation to individuals who suffer personal injury or lose loved ones to wrongful death after car wrecks. Contact Attorney Evans and the firm through their website now or call (406) 552-4343 today to schedule your consultation. To get the latest news, follow the lawyers on Facebook.

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