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5 Reasons to Give Your Furnace a Fall Tune-Up November 3, 2017

Yorktown Heights, Westchester
5 Reasons to Give Your Furnace a Fall Tune-Up, Yorktown Heights, New York

Your furnace is easy to forget during the spring and summer. But when fall arrives, you realize the heat is needed again. To ensure you don’t run into any issues, here are five reasons why it’s vital to give the furnace a fall tune-up:

1. Extends the Life of the System

Most HVAC system failures occur due to a lack of maintenance. The longer the furnace goes without a check-up, the harder it works to heat the home, and the more at risk it is for eventual failure. A fall tune-up helps avoid both these issues.

2. Ensures the Warranty Stays in Effect

Many manufacturers require that a homeowner has a licensed HVAC professional perform regular maintenance to the heating system to keep your warranty in effect. If you neglect maintenance, the manufacturer or extended warranty could be voided.

3. Reduces the Chance of a Breakdown

furnaceFurnaces are most susceptible to a breakdown when they are working the hardest, which tends to occur in the colder weather. Your fall tune-up will help you avoid feeling cold when that first snowstorm of the winter hits.

4. Keeps the Family Safe

Furnaces burn fossil fuels like natural gas, propane, or oil to keep the house warm. But they also omit harmful combustion gases like carbon monoxide and methane. A furnace normally will exhaust these gases to outside; however, if the system fails or has a malfunction, these harmful gases will leak in the home. By scheduling a fall tune-up, the technician will catch this type of malfunction and keep the family safe.

5. Lowers Energy Costs

If you pay utilities, you’ve noticed that the majority of energy costs go towards the heating and cooling of your home. A furnace that hasn’t undergone regular maintenance will end up using more energy to heat to home, which will cost you more money.


Scheduling a fall tune-up for your furnace will keep it running in top shape for the winter. If you live in northern Westchester County, NY, contact the expert HVAC technicians at Sunshine Air Conditioning & Heating. Their services also include air conditioning and heat pump repair. Call today at (914) 245-2050 and check their website for more information. 

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