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Residential Electricians Share 3 Electrical Safety Tips November 8, 2017

Fall River, Columbia
Residential Electricians Share 3 Electrical Safety Tips, Fall River, Wisconsin

Many homeowners use their electricity throughout the day. While this power source is convenient and dependable, there are several safety precautions you should take to protect you and your family. The residential electricians at Dauman Electric offer their services to the residents of Fall River, WI. Below they share some common areas of concern and how to address them responsibly.

Safety Tips According to Fall River’s Top Residential Electricians

1. Check Cords Regularly

residential electriciansThough you likely have many cords running throughout the house, you should inspect them all regularly. Take note of cracks in the outer materials, frays, or kinks. If you find any of these signs, the cord should be replaced. This tip is especially important for power tools, extensions, and holiday lights.

2. Don’t Make Home Modifications

If your appliance requires repairs, you should never try to complete them yourself. Attempting to do so could lead to a damaged unit or even personal injury. Also, avoid modifying cords to fit into a specific outlet. Never cut off the third prong or try to file down a wider prong, as this will affect the cords ability to function safely and could lead to a fire.

3. Stop the Flickering

If you have a flickering light, you should replace its switch as soon as possible or avoid using it until you can. Fixtures that have this problem—as well as those that are hot to the touch—are fire risks and should be repaired promptly.

If you’re in need of repair services, turn to the residential electricians at Dauman Electric. With a fully insured team and more than 15 years of experience, these professionals work quickly and efficiently to get your systems back to optimum condition. Give them a call today at (920) 484-3852. Or, visit their website to learn more.

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