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Whatever The Message, Say it With a Bouquet of Flowers From Flowerworks March 3, 2015

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
Whatever The Message, Say it With a Bouquet of Flowers From Flowerworks, Brooklyn, New York

You can say a lot with flowers, from “Happy Birthday!” to “I’m sorry.” In fact, since the colors of flowers are symbolic, a bouquet of flowers can say more than you think. By learning what different colors represent, you can choose the perfect flowers for every occasion. Whatever you want to communicate with flowers, you can trust Flowerworks to make the message clear with a gorgeous floral arrangement. This Brooklyn flower shop has been providing beautiful arrangements, including roses, wedding flowers and special event flowers, to customers in the New York area since 1983.

Flowers come in every color of the rainbow, and each shade has its own meaning. You can choose a bouquet of flowers in a single color or with several tones in the same color family, or create a wild and enchanting mixed bouquet.

  • Red flowers: Intense romantic love, passion
  • Orange flowers: Happiness, joy
  • Yellow flowers: Friendship, compassion, respect, sympathy
  • Blue flowers: Trust, serenity
  • Purple flowers: Grace, elegance, refinement, transition
  • Pink flowers: Playfulness, femininity, spontaneity, love’s many possibilities
  • White flowers: Purity, honesty, fidelity

Use the language of flowers to make your next bouquet even more meaningful. Call Flowerworks at (718) 230-9393 and speak to a florist about creating an arrangement that sends the right message. Browse some of their gorgeous roses, wedding flowers, birthday flowers and more online, or visit the shop in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Remember to ask about free flower delivery in Brooklyn!