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Pull-A-Part, located at 3520 27th Avenue in Birmingham, is the city’s best source for used auto parts, cheap car parts, and junk cars. If you’re interested in buying or selling car parts today, this junkyard is the one to visit! Stop by the expansive salvage yard today, and call (205) 252-7278 to get started.

Used Auto Parts Experts Give ​Top Seven Benefits of Oil Changes February 20, 2015

North Birmingham, Birmingham
Used Auto Parts Experts Give ​Top Seven Benefits of Oil Changes , Birmingham, Alabama

At Pull-A-Part, our premier DIY used auto parts superstore is full of automobile experts who simply can’t get enough of the latest news and trends in the car industry. One topic that constantly comes up when our customers come to us with questions is the issue of oil changes. So many of our clients wonder if it really is necessary to change your oil on a regular basis and want to know why the engine requires this additional service. After careful consideration, we’ve come up with our list of the top reasons why oil changes are certainly worth while. Read on to learn more!

1. Cleaning – Over time, the engine in your automobile will begin to wear down incrementally, causing little bits of dirt to scrape off and contaminate your oil. The more often you change your oil, the better the odds that your engine will be squeaky clean and free of random particles.

2. Lubricating – Since oil loses some of its lubricating abilities over time, it’s key to maintain consistent oil changing in order to keep your engine coated and make sure all the parts are running smoothly.

3. Cooling – Changing your car’s oil can actually help cool it off as well. Fresh oil helps keep all the parts in your automobile running smoothly and cools off the engine.

4. Longevity – If you want your car to stand the test of time, changing your oil is a great idea. By keeping your engine consistently lubricated, it won’t be as impacted by friction which means that it will endure less wear and tear.

5. Mileage – Cleaning your oil is actually an investment in your MPG as well. With increasing lubrication, your engine won’t be bogged down by dirt and particles, which means it can operate more efficiently.

6. Fewer Emissions – These days, customers are looking for ways to be as eco-friendly as possible. As it turns out, changing your oil can accomplish just that! The cleaner the oil, the cleaner the engine, which means your car will give off less harmful exhaust fumes than a dirtier engine.

7. Improved Performance – Since engine oil is first and foremost a lubricant, putting fresh, clean oil in your car on a regular basis can keep all the parts of your engine running smoothly, which means you are in for a more comfortable, less noisy and less bumpy drive. 

If your car is past the point of repair and you would like to sell your car, our salvage yard experts would love to hear from you. Simply fill out this sell my car form to be contacted for a free quote! 

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