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3 Benefits of Local Wholesale Suppliers January 12, 2018

Honolulu, Oahu
3 Benefits of Local Wholesale Suppliers, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’re looking for supplies for your catering company, restaurant, school, office, or other business, you have the choice of either local or global wholesale suppliers. While the bigger-name companies may have a global appeal, you shouldn’t count out the advantages of going to a local supplier. Malolo Beverages and Supplies of Honolulu, HI, has listed below some of the benefits of a local supplier.

Why You Should Choose Local Wholesale Suppliers

Receive Your Products Quicker

If your supplier is in another state or country, it may take some time to receive your order. But what happens if you run out of something unexpectedly and need to quickly restock? If your delivery is crossing time zones, you’ll be left without that product for an extended period. By choosing a local supplier, you’ll have that product as soon as possible, as a quick trip to your establishment is all that’s needed.

Choose the Dependable Option

wholesale suppliersWhen something is being shipped or transported over a vast area, there are many ways it can be delayed. Local wholesale suppliers usually have more local clients so that they can remain dedicated to the businesses in their community. You don’t have to worry about delivery delays or getting lost in the shuffle of other businesses because local suppliers depend on a strong relationship with you.

Lower Costs & Increased Profits

When something has to be flown across the country, the seller has to add to the price to cover the cost of transit. Buying local will allow you to experience lower costs, as it’s cheaper to deliver the ordered items. Also, because you can easily restock on your products, you’ll always be prepared when customers want something specific, ensuring you continue making sales.

While there may be bigger suppliers out there who deliver globally, there are many more risks to be had by choosing them. Local wholesale suppliers offer quicker, more reliable delivery and at a lower cost to you. If you’re in need of beverage supplies or disposable products for your business, Malolo Beverages and Supplies has been serving Honolulu since 1927. For more information, call (808) 845-4830 or visit their website.

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