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Getting Maximum Value From Your Real Estate Agent November 8, 2017

Marine Park, Brooklyn
Getting Maximum Value From Your Real Estate Agent, Brooklyn, New York

Real estate transactions are often difficult to navigate. There are so many details that making sense of it all can be frustrating. Enlisting and working with a seasoned real estate agent can remove some of the stress and burden. However, there are also a few steps you can take to make the most out of your partnership and streamline the process. 

A Guide to Working With a Real Estate Agent

Make the Relationship Official

Before an agent can legally represent you, you’ll need to sign an agreement. Doing so makes your intentions clear to the professional and conveys you are serious about working with them. Though many are happy to provide some limited consultation without a contract, once you get this part out of the way, you’ll be privy to invaluable advice and guidance through every step of the process.

Let Them Do Their Job

Real Estate AgentYou hired your agent for a reason; if you aren't allowing them to do their job, it will only frustrate both of you. Trust them to schedule open houses, speak with other brokers, and negotiate on your behalf. Real estate agents are also trained to deal with complex legalities, so you don’t have to. 


Though your agent is there to represent you, be an active participant in the process. If you have questions, ask; if you need more frequent communication, say so; if you have doubts about anything, let them know. They want you to be happy. Most agents will go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire process.


If you are looking for a trusted real estate agent in the Brooklyn, NY, area, turn to the seasoned team at Tracey Real Estate. With over 35 years of experience, they provide valuable insight, top negotiators, and access to the best properties. Call them at (718) 376-4994 to schedule an appointment today. You can also contact them online for more information.

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