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5 Beginner-Friendly Tips for New Slot Car Builders November 3, 2017

Jacksonville, Pulaski
5 Beginner-Friendly Tips for New Slot Car Builders, Jacksonville, Arkansas

For many individuals, putting together a scaled-down replica car to the exact specifications of the real deal is both fun and rewarding. This hobby, known as slot car building, can be enjoyed by people with all levels of experience. If you’re new to the world of slot cars and would like to learn more about how you can get started, read on for some introductory advice. 

5 Slot Car Tips for Beginners 

1. Ease Into It

As with any new hobby, it’s wise to start off slow. Allow some time for your skills to develop, and start with beginner-friendly kits. Many starter models are also more affordable, which is convenient for newcomers who are just exploring the activity. 

2. Gather the Right Tools

Your ability to execute a project successfully correlates with the quality and variety of your tools. While you don’t need to purchase a broad range of them when you construct your first car, having an arsenal consisting of pliers, tweezers, tin snips, and a Dremel® tool will come in handy as you approach more intricate projects.

3. Practice With Someone

Many slot car hobbyists enjoy working alongside others. If you have a teenage or adult child or a parent who might enjoy the activity, consider inviting them to join you! The sense of accomplishment gained from completing a car is even better when shared with a friend or loved one, and it can strengthen your bond.

4. Get Inspired

slot carOnce you’ve honed your craft, you can begin to seek inspiration for more complex work. From online videos to local meetups, there are plenty of examples you can find to spark your own creativity. Whether you choose to follow someone else’s lead or do your own unique work, the possibilities are endless!

5. Customize

For many slot car enthusiasts, the ability to incorporate customized details in their work is what makes the hobby so enjoyable. Allow your creative side to shine when you add personalized elements to your car, and remember, directions included in kits are just there as guidelines. The design is ultimately up to you.


Whether you’re building your first slot car or have an extensive collection of work under your belt, there’s no better place to find supplies than Rail & Sprue Hobbies. Based in Jacksonville, AR, the hobby shop has the area’s broadest variety of kits and components for slot cars, as well as model trains and planes. To speak with a store associate, call (501) 982-6836.