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Fall: What not to prune! October 26, 2017

East Hamilton, Hamilton
Fall: What not to prune!, Hamilton, Ohio

When the plants in your landscape have been growing since they first leafed out this past spring it is tempting to prune or trim them up when you get a chance this fall. Use caution because you just might be cutting off all the flower buds that have developed on the plants in the late summer and fall.

Some plants flower on the new growth that emerges in the spring, other plants flower from the buds that developed the previous year. Lilacs, Magnolias, Forsythias, some imageViburnums and if you are lucky and have locations in your yard where Rhododendrons and Azaleas thrive don’t prune them in the late summer or fall. Your maintenance will be done the plants will appear neat and tidy but you will be disappointed come spring because they will not have those all those gorgeous blooms.

Remember there are proper times to trim plants, usually within a month after they finish blooming, if you are unsure call a landscape professional or a tree and shrub nursery. They will be happy to share their knowledge or help you out be doing some or all of that maintenance work.   

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