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Different Types of Temp Employees You Can Get From a Staffing Agency November 15, 2017

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Different Types of Temp Employees You Can Get From a Staffing Agency, Johnstown, New York

Running a business can be difficult, especially if you have to deal with high turnover. To make life easier, many commercial enterprises utilize the services of a staffing agency to fill those gaps. AccuStaff (offices in Albany, Johnstown, and Malta, NY) understands if you’re considering hiring temp employees, you’ll likely want to know a bit about the process, as well as the different industries they serve. 

If you’re in need of quick staffing solutions, the following are three common types of temp employees:

  • Administrative Support: One of the leading sources of temporary placement applicants comes from the administrative sector, meaning there are usually a host of qualified candidates available to step in and help strengthen your organization. Whether you’re in need of an assistant to provide simple office services or an organizational expert who can help you overhaul your filing system, it’s often easy to find the right administrative temp for your needs. 
  • staffingTechnical: The technical industry requires specialized expertise, which is why it’s important to use a temporary staffing agency to find a replacement, as this will ensure prospective employees have been thoroughly vetted. Many temp agencies can equip you with the person you need by filling in whatever niche you have at your company, whether you’re a small start-up or a high-tech consulting firm. There are often abundant temporary employees for the engineering and technology sectors as well. 
  • Logistics: It can throw a wrench in your operations when you lose an employee, especially if you’ve got a deadline looming on the horizon. Hiring and training a new logistics professional often requires time and extensive resources, both of which might be unfeasible in a pinch. For this reason, many staffing agencies are equipped to provide logistics companies with skilled temporary workers ready to help you meet deadlines, whether it’s by coordinating on the factory floor or getting behind the wheel and delivering the load themselves. 

If you’re in need of temporary staffing solutions, turn to AccuStaff. They’ll work with you to explore your options and ensure you find the right temporary employee for you. Call them today at (518) 396-5866, or visit them online for a complete list of their services. 

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