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4 Winter Car Maintenance Tasks to Protect Your Vehicle November 9, 2017

Slocomb, Geneva
4 Winter Car Maintenance Tasks to Protect Your Vehicle, Slocomb, Alabama

The cold weather of winter can be hard on your vehicle. It’s critical to take a few key steps to protect it from inclement weather and avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. To help you keep your car in working order all season long, Bay Springs Auto Repair, the leading auto repair shop in Dothan, AL, offers some car maintenance tips for winter.

Car Maintenance Tasks to Winterize Your Vehicle

Mount Winter Tires

Car maintenance in Dothan, ALWinter tires are designed to grip the road, even when the pavement is icy, snowy, or covered in slush. They are also made of softer rubber, which remains flexible even in cold temperatures and enables them to better conform to road surfaces.

Keep the Gas Tank at Least Half Full

When the temperatures drop, moisture in the air forms condensation on the exposed metal in your gas tank and drips into the fuel. This can corrode your tank and decrease engine performance. To minimize condensation, keep your tank at least half full at all times during winter.

Fill the Washer Fluid Reservoir

During winter, freezing rain and frost that forms suddenly at high speeds can impede your view of the road. Keep your washer fluid tank full so it's ready when needed. More than just a car maintenance task, this is critical for your safety.

Test the Battery

Sudden drops in temperature can discharge a weak battery and leave you stranded. Take your vehicle to your auto repair shop and ask a mechanic to see if your battery is holding a charge properly. If it is not, replace the battery before it dies and leaves you calling roadside assistance.

Contact a professional service to keep your vehicle operational in the winter. Bay Springs Auto Repair, a trusted and experienced auto mechanic, will help you with year-round car maintenance. Whether you're preparing for cold weather or the stresses of summer, their team of experts is there for you and your vehicle. Visit their website to view a map and business hours, or call (334) 692-4229 to schedule service with a friendly professional.

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