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Defense Attorney Explains Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions September 28, 2018

Catonsville, Baltimore County
Defense Attorney Explains Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions, Catonsville, Maryland

The effects of a criminal conviction can stay with you long after you pay your fine or serve your jail time. The seasoned defense attorney and founder of the Law Offices of Frank E. Turney, PA, in Catonsville, MD, explains that pleading guilty to a simple misdemeanor offense can result in long-lasting consequences for you and the people close to you. Here, he discusses how criminal convictions impact offenders in ways they might not have considered. 

The Effects of Criminal Convictions 


It’s common for those convicted of crimes to lose jobs and work opportunities. Most employers conduct criminal background checks and justify decisions not to hire or retain an employee if their position is related to their offense, such as a shoplifter applying for a retail store sales position, or a bank teller charged with theft. Moreover, certain drug-related convictions lead to eviction or denial of an application to rent an apartment.


defense attorneyNon-citizens may face deportation proceedings or be denied the right to reenter the country if they leave. Criminal convictions can stall pending applications for citizenship or visa renewals. The law requires defense attorneys to advise their clients about the risks of guilty pleas.

Constitutional Rights

In Maryland, after a conviction of certain felony crimes or misdemeanor domestic violence charges, people lose their right to own or carry firearms permanently. Violating the firearms law can result in a 10-year federal prison sentence. Individuals with felony convictions lose their right to vote, but generally regain it after completing their court-ordered prison sentences.

If you have or face a criminal conviction, turn to the Law Offices of Frank E. Turney, PA, in Catonsville, MD. This experienced and dedicated defense attorney will fight your charges effectively or negotiate a plea agreement in your best interest. Call (410) 788-8830 to schedule a consultation. Visit the firm online for more about their practice areas, and follow them on Facebook for the latest news.

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