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Property Restoration Specialists Name Different Types of Mold & How They Affect Your Health November 9, 2017

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Property Restoration Specialists Name Different Types of Mold & How They Affect Your Health, Evergreen, Montana

Mold can breed on any moist surface inside your home. According to property restoration experts, it comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes, and some can expose you and your family to health risks or compromise the structural integrity of your property. Knowing how to identify the type of mold you have will allow you to find the right solution to curb an infestation, keeping your home safe and comfortable year round.

Learn about different types of mold below:

  • Black & Green Mold: Cladosporium is a black and green mold that has a pepper-like appearance and is commonly found at the backs of air vents and ducts. While it is classified as non-toxic, it can trigger allergic reactions that lead to a sore throat, watery eyes, and skin irritation.

  • property restorationBlack Mold: Also known as Aspergillus, black mold commonly grows indoors near damp, warm places. They appear in clusters and can be identified by their black, speckled appearance. Aside from causing common allergic reactions, property restoration pros say this breed can also cause respiratory infections and hypersensitivity pneumonitis, which can cause the lungs to inflame due to irritation.

  • Fusarium: Fusarium is a type of mold that typically grows in between the fibers of carpets and fabrics that have been affected by water damage. This particular breed of mold grows fast and can thrive even in cold temperatures. They are known for causing respiratory conditions, asthma, and rashes.

  • Blue or Green Mold: Penicillium is a kind of mold that multiplies rapidly in water-damaged properties. It has a blue or green coloring, and its spores are extremely tiny, taking it longer to settle and allowing it to be inhaled deep into the lungs. It can cause chronic sinusitis and lung inflammation under prolonged exposure.


Extended exposure to mold can compromise your health and well-being. If you suspect you have a mold infestation at home, call a property restoration expert from Allied 24/7 Restoration at (406) 756-4357. This company has been offering exceptional mold removal and water damage services in Flathead Valley since 1992. Visit their website to learn more about their round-the-clock solutions today.

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