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Your 3-Step Guide to Finding a Mattress Pad December 5, 2017

Mason, Warren
Your 3-Step Guide to Finding a Mattress Pad, Mason, Ohio

Mattress pads are much more than just bed covers. From protecting your new mattress to rejuvenating a worn-out one, the right topper can combat a host of issues and provide the perfect night's sleep. As a leading bedding manufacturer, DOWNLITE understands the importance of choosing the right mattress pad. To ensure you pick the perfect one the first time around, they've created this easy-to-follow, three-step guide.

How to Buy a Mattress Pad

1. Determine the Mattress Pad's Purpose

Before you can choose a mattress pad, you need to determine the purpose it will serve. One of the most common reasons individuals purchase mattress toppers is protection. Waterproof pads are an excellent way to prevent spills from leaking through and leaving stains and odors. Most mattress pads are also composed of hypoallergenic materials, so allergy sufferers can reduce pollen and dander accumulation in their mattress.

If your main goal is to increase the comfort of your mattress, focus on the plushness of the pad. A light plush will allow you to maintain firmness while enjoying a subtle cushion. On the other end of the spectrum, super plush creates a soft, pillowy effect. In addition to these, DOWNLITE also offers Medium and Extra Plush options.

2. Consider the Material

Mattress PadStandard mattress pads are manufactured with cotton sateen for a waterproof yet comfortable surface, but there are a variety of other options to choose from depending on your needs. Cooling materials are now incorporated to disperse body heat and promote comfort, and they're also machine washable. You can choose feather-filled options for the ultimate level of softness, but these require professional dry cleaning to remove stains.

3. Choose the Right Size

After determining the specifics of the mattress pad you need, you need to locate the right size. Mattress pads range in size from twin to California king—just match the topper to your mattress. If you choose a thicker pad or your mattress already has a pillow top, you may need to purchase deep-pocketed sheets to ensure a snug fit.

While buying a mattress topper isn't as straightforward as you may have imagined, choosing a reliable company to purchase one from is much easier. DOWNLITE is dedicated to creating comfortable and relaxing sleeping environments for their customers. From comforters to pillows, they offer a wide selection of top-quality options on their website. You can browse their selection of mattress pads online, and get personalized assistance by calling (866) 931-3696.