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How In-Home Care Is a Solution to Rising Health Costs November 7, 2017

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How In-Home Care Is a Solution to Rising Health Costs, Farmington, Connecticut

If you or your loved ones need regular medical care services, you may find yourself comparing the cost of assisted living facilities and in-home care. After all, with today’s technologies and home medical equipment, seniors can undergo daily treatments, tests, and therapies at home. While this may be more comfortable, is it also more affordable than a nursing home? To help answer this question, take a look at the guide below.

What Is In-Home Care?

In-home care refers to supportive care services, in which patients can undergo medical treatment by licensed professionals – all while in the comfort of their own home. In fact, many seniors and elderly patients who require ongoing medical treatment, such as oxygen therapy, prefer home care services.

home assistanceIt allows them to experience the same quality of health care while providing companionship. And, when it’s time to visit a physician or order prescription refills, a personal care assistant can ensure that everything is completed in a timely manner. 

Why Is In-Home Care a Solution to Rising Costs?

Perhaps the most important reason many patients prefer home care service is that it offers competitive rates compared to hospital and nursing facilities. A single day in a hospital or nursing home, for example, can quickly rack up a huge bill in comparison. And, as patients get older, the cost of their care only seems to increase.

With the rising need for rehabilitation from injuries, preventative medications, or even hospice care, older individuals often see higher health costs than their younger counterparts. Thankfully, at-home treatments allow for a better alternative for these individuals. With in-home care services, they can feel more comfortable and battle the rising costs of health care. 


If you or your loved ones are in need of continuous care, consider the in-home care experts from Polish Helping Hands. Serving the Unionville, CT, area, these personal care assistants can help with anything you need, from chores to bathing and eating. They even offer a caregiver interview process to ensure you find the ideal home companion match. If you have any questions, you can reach a trusted team member at (860) 404-0499 or find more information online

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