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4 Reasons You Should Consider Fence Installation November 8, 2017

Clinton, Island
4 Reasons You Should Consider Fence Installation, Clinton, Washington

When you step out onto your open lawn, you may notice something is missing. A fence installation can address many areas of concern for homeowners. Below, McBride Fence Inc. in Clinton, WA, the leading fence repair and installation experts, shares four reasons their clients introduce these structures on their properties.

Why You Should Get a Fence Installation 

1. Improve Privacy

Keep nosy neighbors and people in passing cars from looking in your yard by scheduling a fence installation. Choose a style without gaps or openings for maximum privacy so you can comfortably enjoy your patio while you watch the kids play.  

2. Establish Property Lines

Have you had concerns about property encroachment? First, get your land surveyed. Then, use the results to ensure your yard is bordered properly.

3. Keep Your Family Safe

Many homeowners want to keep their kids and pets from running out of the yard. Instead of constantly watching them, opt for a fence installation. You’ll soon be able to relax stress-free knowing they won’t get out. 

4. Reduce Garden Pests

fence installationAre pesky deer cruising into your yard and eating your plants? Keep your tomatoes, raspberries, and other foliage and trees safe with deer fencing. Thanks to unique installation techniques, you can even eliminate the presence of digging critters like rabbits.

A fence installation is a viable way to improve privacy, up your families safety or mitigate the risk of trespassing. Thanks to the many materials and styles available, you can choose one that caters to your needs. To schedule a consultation and estimate with McBride Fence call (360) 579-2857. Visit the website for more information on their family-run business, skilled fencing contractors, gate repair work, and new fencing.