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Series 2, Part 2: How Can You Tell When Corrosion Has Compromised Building Security? March 3, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 2, Part 2: How Can You Tell When Corrosion Has Compromised Building Security?, Brighton, Michigan

Last time, Brighton, MI-based Door Innovation discussed how corroded metal door frames are more vulnerable to forced entry and therefore more prone to theft. But one topic they have yet to tackle regarding security is identification.

The Question: How Can You Tell When Corrosion Has Compromised Building Security?

Between everyday operations and unexpected affairs, many business owners feel like there’s not enough time in the day for door frame repair, let alone replacement. So, when corrosion strikes, many delay the inevitable and instead put off the repairs until they have the right resources, or the corrosion poses an obvious threat. But how exactly do you define the latter? Door Innovation has the answer.     

The Answer: The Frame Has Separated From the Floor

corroded metal door frameAs discussed in previous installments of this three-part series, all corrosion is a safety hazard. That’s because if there is visible rust on the surface of your commercial door frame, then failure has already occurred, and the damage will only worsen until the rusted section is removed and replaced. However, when it comes to security, there is an exact moment when you’ll know the structure has been compromised. And according to Door Innovation, that’s when the corrosion attacks the attachment points, causing the frame to separate from the floor. In more severe cases, portions of metal may also deteriorate and break away.  

With separation comes security risks. A corroded metal door frame is vulnerable to forced entry and thus puts you, your customers, and your property at a higher risk of theft. To protect your business, you need to repair the structure with one of Door Innovation’s jamb patch kits. Complete with step-by-step instructions, this kit saves you the cost of replacing the corroded metal door frame while also extending the functional life of the system.

Next time, Door Innovation will tackle another safety hazard associated with corroded metal door frames: health risks. Until then, you can order your jamb patch kit online. To speak with a qualified door frame repair specialist, call (517) 518-8979 today.  

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