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The Money-Saving Perks of Hiring an Answering Service November 8, 2017

Central Business District, Rochester
The Money-Saving Perks of Hiring an Answering Service, Rochester, New York

A professional answering service can save your business thousands of dollars each year while still providing reliable and friendly customer support. The call center services of Action Telephone Exchange, based in Rochester, NY, have been proven to streamline business for their clients and save them money in a few major ways. Consider how you can save and what you would do with that extra money going back into your business or your own pocket.

Hiring a professional and reputable answering service will save you the hassle of handling phone calls while saving you money:

  • One Less Salary to Pay: The typical receptionist earns anywhere between $30,000 and $40,000 per year. That’s a serious investment to have someone sit at a desk and answer the phone when it rings. Hiring virtual customer service solutions will give your customers the same experience while charging you a fraction of what a full-time receptionist would require.
  • answering serviceLose the Expensive Technology: Business phone systems don’t come cheap. Technology is always improving, so the cost of staying up-to-date with your phone system can add up. An answering service already has that technology on hand, so you can cut that cost out of your budget.
  • No Training Costs: Hiring a new person and training them to answer your phone takes a significant investment of time and money. A call center absorbs that cost since they handle the hiring and the training of their own people. Meanwhile, you can sit back and know your phone is being answered by capable and well-trained people.

The answering services provided by Action Telephone Exchange has an extremely high client satisfaction rate, which is no surprise considering they save their clients a lot of money and stress. They stay up to date with the latest technology to streamline your communication needs. See their call demos online to get a feel for their high-quality service. Contact them at (585) 232-3920 to talk about which of their customer service management packages is best for your business.

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