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Avon Pediatric Dentist Shares 5 Tips for a Healthy Halloween November 2, 2017

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Avon Pediatric Dentist Shares 5 Tips for a Healthy Halloween, Avon, Ohio

Halloween is the spookiest holiday of the year—especially for dental professionals. Pediatric dentist, Carolyn B. Crowell, DMD, & Associates in Avon, OH, cautions that the sugar-laden candy your kids chow down after trick-or-treating wreaks havoc on their teeth. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to help protect your little one’s oral health.

Here, she explains how to enjoy sweets safely:

Sort Through Candy

dentistIt’s common practice for parents to go through their kids’ Halloween haul and throw out dangerous goodies, like unwrapped ones. When you sort through your child’s treats, nix those sugary snacks that tend to do the most harm when it comes to oral health—hard candies and chewy items like licorice. Hard candies can chip teeth or damage enamel if kids bite down on them. Gummy items, meanwhile, stick easily to teeth and are tough to clean.

Set Rules

When it comes to the remaining Halloween candy, set rules regarding when it’s okay to indulge. You don’t want your little one continually coating their teeth with a fresh layer of sugar all throughout the day. Limit treat time to accompany meals, and brush and floss afterward. If your child is still too young to handle their own dental care, do the job for them.

Schedule a Cleaning 

See your pediatric dentist after the holidays. Whether it’s an over-eager bite to a lollipop resulting in a chip or a cavity a few months after Halloween, the sooner the issue is remedied, the better. Waiting can result in more costly treatment needs—and, more importantly, pain for your child. Even if everything is in order, a post-holiday cleaning is a great way to prevent plaque from forming after their candy binge.

For a reliable pediatric dentist in Avon, OH, turn to Carolyn B. Crowell, DMD, & Associates. Whether filling a cavity or providing orthodontics, she and her friendly team focus on ensuring kids have fun in the dentist’s chair. You can find out more about them online. For an appointment, call (440) 934-0149.

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