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A Brief Guide to Selling Silver From Your Home November 27, 2017

Greece, Monroe
 A Brief Guide to Selling Silver From Your Home, Greece, New York

With the holidays approaching, there’s no better time to consider selling silver items collecting dust around your home. Not only are many keen to purge their belongings and streamline their homes before the New Year, but selling silver is also an excellent way to make some extra cash. With the gift-giving season nearly here, you’re likely to find a great deal for silver coins, vintage jewelry, and other pieces you no longer have use for.

selling silverMany people often receive sterling silver serving pieces as part of an inheritance, or as a wedding or housewarming gift. However, these items often lie untouched in a cabinet for years. If you rarely pull out these wares, earn extra cash by selling them—either as a complete piece or for scrap.

When selling silver for scrap, owners are often able to fetch the highest price for their items. This is particularly true in today’s market, where silver isn’t as highly valued as other metals. These pieces are normally melted down and reused, whether to make jewelry or other silver items.  

Selling silver for scrap is often one of the best ways to find a buyer for your metals. However, if your silver comes in the form of antique jewelry or holds historical significance—such as a well-known brand name—you’re better off selling it “as is.” Come to the experts at All Things Antiques and Collectibles to get the most out of your silver. 


If you’re considering selling silver items around your home, you won’t find a better deal than at All Things Antiques And Collectibles in Rochester, NY. This locally owned and operated store is the top spot for selling precious metals, scrap jewelry, coins, and antiques. With more than 15 years of experience, these professionals have a practiced eye for recognizing authentic pieces and providing detailed valuations. Learn more about receiving cash for your silver online, or give their team a call at (585) 647-9320.