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Understanding Tree Topping & Tree Cutting Services November 1, 2017

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Understanding Tree Topping & Tree Cutting Services, West Hartford, Connecticut

Pruning is necessary to keep trees strong, healthy, and attractive; but, not using the proper technique can be extremely damaging. If you don’t hire an experienced tree cutting service, improper pruning could lead to tree topping. Tree topping is when the main trunk of the tree and the primary limbs are cut to the same height. Not only does this ruin the shape of the tree, but it also puts it at risk of decaying and dying. Here’s what you should know.

What a Tree Cutting Service Has to Say About Tree Topping

Tree Topping Hurts Trees

tree-cutting-service-West Hartford-CTThe biggest concern associated with tree topping is it limits the tree’s ability to make food. Trees use their leaves to collect the nutrients they need, and the larger the leaf surface, the more capability they have to make food. Tree topping drastically reduces the number of leaves, and the tree struggles to survive. While the tree gradually starves, it will also be subject to attacks from insects and fungal growth. Topping the branches creates large, open wounds that leave the tree vulnerable at an already-weakened state. A tree’s chances of surviving tree topping and regaining its healthy shape aren’t high.

Proper Pruning Is the Answer

When a tree grows too tall or needs to be reshaped, a professional tree cutting service should practice a pruning method referred to as drop-crotching. Unlike tree-topping, drop-crotching maintains the tree’s shape while reducing its size. High branches are cut laterally, and outside branches are trimmed on a 45 to 60-degree angle. The central stem is cut back to a thick secondary branch, and lateral limbs are trimmed to where they join larger side branches. The process essentially thins the tree while stimulating new growth in the desired direction.

Once a tree has been topped, it’ll take more effort and time to reverse the damage. It’ll likely be several years before the tree retakes a normal shape, and the trunk’s damage may never heal.


The best strategy for ensuring a tree lives a long life is to hire a professional tree cutting service with years of experience. Alton Tree Services in West Hartford, CT, employs a team of experts who specialize in residential and commercial tree services. Call them at (860) 236-8027 when it’s time to prune your trees. You’ll also learn more about their tree cutting services on their website.

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