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4 Essential Gutter Maintenance Tips November 1, 2017

Columbia, Monroe
4 Essential Gutter Maintenance Tips, Columbia, Illinois

As the leaves change and your family prepares for the holiday season, there is one downside to the fall magic; all those falling leaves in your gutters! While it may be tempting to avoid the chore of cleaning your gutters, this practice is the best way to keep them ready for winter. Here are some maintenance tips from H & H Gutter Systems, Columbia, IL’s, favorite source for installation, replacement, and repairs. 

4 Helpful Tips for Gutter Maintenance 

Take Appropriate Safety Measures

Working on your roof is naturally dangerous due to the height and the use of a ladder. When tending to your gutters, always take appropriate safety measures to avoid falls and other injuries. Wear work gloves and safety goggles to protect yourself from debris. If part of your routine includes walking on the roof, wear rubber-soled shoes with a good grip. 

Fix Leaks

After cleaning your gutters at the start of the cold season, check for leaks. If you identify a minor leak or cracks in the caulking, reseal them before inclement weather hits. Otherwise, water can run down the side of your home and pool at the foundation.

GuttersFocus on Downspouts

Clean downspouts are critical to avoid large amounts of water flooding your roof and ceiling. To properly clean the downspouts, run the hose through them at full strength. This will clear out any debris so the spout can operate at capacity when heavy rain or snow arrives.

Annual Inspections

Most importantly, schedule annual inspections with a trusted gutter contractor like H & H Gutter Systems. By having your system looked at on a regular basis, you can tackle minor issues early on, preserve your gutters, and avoid the need for costly emergency gutter repair. 

If your gutters are in disrepair, call H & H Gutter Systems in Columbia, IL, right away for assistance. Their gutter contractors can repair and replace any system to avoid clogs, leaks, and water damage. Call their offices at (618) 281-5754 or visit their website for more information on their residential and commercial services. 

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