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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Burial vs. Cremation November 10, 2017

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Burial vs. Cremation, Wagoner, Oklahoma

The way a body is processed can be one of the hardest decisions for a family to make when a death occurs. But, as Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory explains, carefully considering each option can help you determine the best way to properly honor your loved one. To help you fully explore these methods, this funeral planning provider of Wagoner and Muskogee, OK, highlights a few important considerations to make when comparing burial and cremation.

3 Considerations to Take Into Account When Choosing Between Burial & Cremation

1. Religion

Although burial is nearly universally accepted by most major religions, cremation remains a widely debated subject. For example, some Christian groups—such as Protestants—agree cremation is acceptable, while more conservative religions believe burial is the best way to respect the body. Catholicism, on the other hand, has shifted to sanction cremation so long as the act is performed after traditional funeral rights. Jewish and Islamic groups are, for the most part, against cremating the deceased. If religion plays a major role in your loved one’s funeral, consult with a leader of your faith to find out what may be acceptable.

2. Final Resting Place

When families choose burial, they will designate a permanent resting place for the deceased within a cemetery plot or mausoleum vault.  This can be a preferable option if the departed would prefer to be visited by surviving family and friends or be situated near other relatives. For some, burial services are also an important part of the grieving process that allows families to say goodbye before the body is interred.

cremationCremated remains may also be buried in cemetery plots or stored within small vaults, known as columbarium chambers. However, cremation also provides versatility for those who may not want a fixed resting place. For example, remains may be scattered at a designated location. Or, if you want to keep a loved one nearby, cremation urns allow remains to be kept at home. There are also small urns and specialized pieces of jewelry that can hold ashes and allow family members to split up the remains.  

3. Cost

Burial is typically the most expensive choice of the two, as the service requires families to invest in a burial plot, casket, and personalized grave marker. While these fees will also apply when cremated remains are interred, cremation is usually much more affordable.

As a time-sensitive decision, choosing between burial and cremation is not easy. However, it’s not a decision that needs to be made alone. The funeral directors at Shipman Funeral Home & Crematory can provide exceptional guidance to help you and your loved ones discuss the merits of each option, as well as the ways the service can be personalized. Visit their website for more details on their flexible funeral planning and burial services. If you’d like to speak directly with the Wagoner, OK, funeral home, call (918) 485-­9525. You can also call (918) 683-1700 to reach a compassionate team member of Muskogee Crematory Services.

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