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Keep Your Animals Healthy This Fall With These Pet Care Tips November 1, 2017

Mulberry, Miami
Keep Your Animals Healthy This Fall With These Pet Care Tips, Miami, Ohio

Every season poses certain risks for animals, and the fall is no different. As a responsible pet owner, it’s your job to track seasonal dangers and take the necessary steps to protect your furry friends. Below, the knowledgeable team at Shar-Jo’s Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting in Milford, OH, shares a few pet care tips to keep your cat or dog safe this autumn.

3 Fall Pet Care Tips

1. Stay on Top of Flea & Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks may be most active in the warmer months, but that doesn’t mean they disappear entirely by fall. Make sure you continue treating your pets for fleas and ticks well into winter because deer ticks, which spread Lyme disease, are more active in autumn. You should also continue mowing your lawn, even if your family is spending more time inside now. Ticks thrive in long grass, so it is important to keep it short all year long to protect your pets.

2. Store Halloween Candy Out of Reach

pet careYour children may work hard for their Halloween candy by traipsing all over the neighborhood, but if you let them store a pillowcase full of chocolate in their bottom drawer, your dog or cat is going to find it sooner or later. Keep all Halloween candy out of reach of your pets to protect them from a potentially fatal binge session.

3. Groom Your Pets Regularly

Many families don’t schedule grooming appointments during the winter months because their pets spend less time outside, but the holidays are a great time for a bath. Besides, brushing and bathing are important parts of pet care. If you plan on hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas, take your dogs to get professionally bathed before everyone arrives. Your pup will be much more comfortable, and your guests will enjoy giving them a little extra love because they smell so good.

If you need pet grooming or dog sitting this fall, turn to Shar-Jo’s Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting in Milford, OH. You can learn more about the pet care services they provide by visiting their website. To make an appointment or schedule a sitting, call (513) 831-9457. 

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