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5 Common Causes of Roofing Damage November 1, 2017

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5 Common Causes of Roofing Damage, Kernersville, North Carolina

Your home’s roofing is designed to protect both the structure and people inside; however, the surface is vulnerable to damage because it is exposed to a variety of elements. The team at Price & Sons Roofing in Kernersville, NC, has been fixing roofs for over 30 years, so they understand the issues that affect area homes. Here, they explain some of the most common causes roof damage.

What Causes Roofing Problems?

1. Weather

Wind and rain are among the biggest threats to roofs, as wind can dislodge shingles and allow rainwater to seep in and cause structural damage. However, other weather conditions can also cause problems. The weight of snow and ice can affect the surface’s structural integrity, and prolonged UV exposure from the sun can weaken shingles.

2. Debris

Tree limbs and branches can blow onto your roof during a storm or fall off due to age. During a severe weather event, entire trees can fall and cause damage. Even small pieces of debris can cause problems if they puncture the surface and allow moisture to seep between the shingles and decking.

3. Clogged Gutters

roofing Kernersville NCClean gutters are integral to the health of your roof. Clogs from plant debris can cause water to pool along the roofline and cause damage. Removing clogs allows the water to flow away from the house, preventing moisture-related structural issues.

4. Poor Maintenance

Neglecting your roof can allow damage to spread. Periodic roofing inspections help you spot minor issues before they become serious problems. Patching potential leak sites and replacing broken or missing shingles will extend the roof’s life span.

5. Poor Workmanship

Improper roof installation can lead to significant problems in the future. While the roofing might look stable from the ground, there may be issues that go unnoticed until you or a contractor climbs to the top of the house. A well-installed roof should have adequate ventilation and waterproofing, secure flashing, and nails that are firmly in place.

Your home’s exterior can sustain damage at any time. When it comes to roof maintenance and repairs, Price & Sons Roofing is the team to trust. This family-owned company uses high-quality roofing products and offers both 25-year and lifetime warranties on their work. Visit them online to learn more about their services, and call (336) 869-6921 to request a free estimate.

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