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3 Common Misconceptions About Aluminum Fencing November 14, 2017

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3 Common Misconceptions About Aluminum Fencing, Kalispell, Montana

There are many different fencing materials available for residential construction, and there’s an assortment of information that comes along with these options. As a homeowner, it’s essential that you know all you can about your choice of material for a new fence installation. Boundary Line Fence, Somers, MT’s go-to fencing contractors, offers a variety of high-quality fencing options. Here, they talk about a few common incorrect assumptions customers make about aluminum fencing and how this option can be economically and aesthetically beneficial for your property. 

3 Aluminum Fencing Myths

1. It Isn’t Sturdy

When compared to steel fencing, aluminum fencing is, indeed, a weaker option—but that doesn’t mean it won’t hold up under pressure. Steel is an excellent choice for fencing, but often, homeowners may not need a material as robust. Aluminum is a lightweight, strong option that will stand up to the elements while providing an economical alternative to the more intense strength of steel.

2. It Requires Too Much Maintenance

fencingOne of the best benefits of an aluminum fence is actually the maintenance. In comparison to other fencing materials, such as wood, aluminum doesn’t require any painting or staining treatments. Aluminum is also extremely resistant to the elements, and its powder coating means that rust will never occur outside of extenuating circumstances. 

3. It All Looks the Same

The common misconception is that using aluminum for fencing leaves no room for creativity or individuality; this is definitely not the case. Fencing panels come in various shapes and sizes, and you also have your choice of color. Though most aluminum fences have a similar build, decor and additions, such as privacy panels, can be included to set your yard apart from your neighbors’. 

If you’re ready to have attractive, high-quality aluminum fencing installed on your property, contact the professionals at Boundary Line Fence. Call (406) 309-5010 to receive a free estimate from a friendly and knowledgeable team member. You can also visit them online for more information about their other available services, including mailbox installation and archway construction. 

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