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3 Tips for Promoting Harmony Between Millennials & Boomers in the Workplace November 22, 2017

Huntington, Huntington
3 Tips for Promoting Harmony Between Millennials & Boomers in the Workplace, Huntington, New York

With more young professionals entering the workforce, an increasing number of entrepreneurs and managers are finding stark gaps between millennial employees and older generations. While there are some common misconceptions about millennial workers, they may hold different values and expectations that can cause friction within your organization. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to bridge those gaps and empower your business.

Bridging the Gap Between Young Professionals & Seasoned Workers

1. Keep Diversity in Mind

When creating teams to manage various tasks, avoid the temptation to keep workers with those in their own age group. Creating diverse groups within your company will result in your workers having different discussions than they otherwise would, coming up with solutions that take advantage of a wider range of skills and perspectives.

2. Tailor Your Incentives

young professionalsMillennial workers tend to value their work-life balance and status more than older employees, who respond better to financial rewards. When creating programs for your company, try to understand what different individuals prefer, and tailor incentives to appeal to several groups. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your employees.

3. Create Mentoring Programs

While young professionals are often well-trained and highly educated, they may lack some of the other skills that can only be gained by experience. Older workers, on the other hand, could stand to benefit from their younger colleagues’ technological capacity and openness to change. A mentoring program will increase the proficiency of everyone in your company and promote intergenerational friendships that make the organization more productive.


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