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How to Make the Most of Your Video-on-Demand Service December 7, 2017

Freeland, Island
How to Make the Most of Your Video-on-Demand Service, Freeland, Washington

With sites like Netflix™ and Hulu™ dominating the entertainment industry in the past 10 years, many often forget about video-on-demand. Already built into your television service courtesy of Whidbey Telecom, this technology remains one of the best ways to stay up-to-date on all your favorite shows and movies. But since it’s often overlooked, our Whidbey Island team explains, you might not know that there are several ways you can further maximize your VOD experience.    

5 Ways to Make the Most of Video-on-Demand

1. Ease Off the DVR

Our video-on-demand service comes with hundreds of titles from dozens of top networks including Comedy Central™, NBC™, and FX™. So instead of saving the next episode of your favorite thriller to your crammed DVR, simply visit the VOD menu the day after it airs. Chances are you’ll find it there, thus saving you precious DVR space.

2. Catch Up on the Classics

video on demandFeel like you missed out on that one drama series because you didn’t see it when it first aired? Want to watch that famous black-and-white film all your coworkers were talking about? Whatever the case, video-on-demand is the answer. VOD lets you view classic shows and movies whenever you want, often without commercials.

3. Take a Refresher Course

If months or even years have passed between seasons of your favorite series, it can be easy to forget major plot points. Thankfully, VOD lets you catch up on past episodes, so you’re ready for the big premiere.

4. Enjoy a Night In

While visiting the local theater is a fun treat, it can get expensive if you’re going every weekend. Save money by enjoying occasional nights in with your favorite snack, a cozy blanket, and your video-on-demand service. It’s important to note that some of our titles may come with a fee, but it’s still cheaper than purchasing tickets and theater fare.

5. Binge Early & Often

Like many other Whidbey Islanders, you probably enjoy binging new shows from time to time. With VOD, you’ll find hundreds of titles before they’re available on Netflix, Hulu, and Redbox™, so you can go on a TV bender whenever you please.

Ready to make the most of video-on-demand? Call Whidbey Telecom at (360) 321-1122 to get started. For more on VOD or any of our other services, including high-speed internet and home security, visit us online

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