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Your Complete Guide to Air Freight Shipping Services September 3, 2019

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
Your Complete Guide to Air Freight Shipping Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether you plan to ship letters and small boxes or vehicles and heavy equipment, you should have a working knowledge of how airfreight shipping works. Air shipping services are typically divided into three main modes of transportation: passenger, cargo, and super cargo planes. When you need to know exactly how you should ship your air-bound items, allow the specialists at MFS Freight Service LLC of Honolulu to be your guide.

No matter how large or small your freight shipment may be, you’ll obviously want it to arrive at its final destination quickly and in one piece. Here’s more information about a few of the most common methods employed by shipping services:

  • Passenger Planes: In addition to travelers and checked baggage, commercial airlines are actually responsible for carrying a significant amount of supplementary cargo—up to two semi trucks’ worth, to be precise. In general, passenger planes usually transport letters, packages, and palletized items. When you ship your freight via a commercial airline, it will sit in containers positioned safely beneath the seated travelers.
  • shipping servicesDedicated Cargo Planes: The most common type of cargo plane used for freight delivery services is the Boeing 747-400, which can support as much as five semi trucks’ worth of weight. This freight shipping method is ideal for transporting larger pallets, irregularly shaped items, cars, and even livestock. These aircraft types are specially designed to make loading and unloading as easy as possible, using rollers to move pallets through hinged doors on the sides and nose of the plane.
  • Super Cargo Planes: If you need to transport massive, unwieldy items, a super transporter is your best bet, since most of these aircrafts can support a capacity of up to 47 tons. Also known as “Airbus Beluga,” these enormous aircrafts have been used to ship construction equipment, entire laboratories, and even other planes. The full front end of the Beluga lifts up to enable the hassle-free loading in and loading out of large-scale objects.

When you need dependable shipping services for items of all sizes, MFS Freight Service LLC will make it their business to handle your freight with care. Give these freight specialists a call at (808) 847-3015 today to ask about receiving a quote on freight delivery.

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