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An Eye Doctor's Checklist for Determining When a Child Needs Vision Care November 7, 2017

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An Eye Doctor's Checklist for Determining When a Child Needs Vision Care, Greece, New York

Kids need excellent eyesight to enjoy everyday life and succeed in school and extracurricular activities. However, since vision problems usually occur gradually, you might not realize when your child needs corrective lenses. The skilled eye doctors at Reed Eye Associates say it’s crucial to identify problems before they become severe and offer a checklist of questions parents should answer to discover a child’s problem as soon as possible.

Eye Doctors Share 4 Questions for Detecting Child Vision Issues

Does Your Child Sit Too Close to the TV?

While it once was believed sitting too close to a television could cause vision damage, it’s now seen as a symptom of an eye issue. If your child sits too close to the TV, it might be because they’re nearsighted.

Do They Experience Frequent Headaches?

Eye doctorChronic headaches can result from eye strain and might indicate your child needs prescription glasses or contact lenses. Astigmatism, a condition in which light focuses unevenly on the retina, can create blurry vision that leads to headaches.

Do They Have a Drooping Eye?

A drooping eyelid, also called ptosis, can affect eyesight if it obstructs part of the pupil. While the condition often is unpreventable, there are treatments to reduce its effect on vision. An eye doctor can help you determine the best way to deal with ptosis.

Are Their Eyes Often Swollen or Red?

If your child’s eyes appear unusually red or swollen, they might have an infection. Inflamed tissues can be a result of pink eye — also referred to as conjunctivitis — which results from bacteria, viruses, or even allergic reactions.  

Whether you need an eye exam or new glasses, the team at Reed Eye Associates is ready to help. Their eye doctors and surgeons provide testing and treatment at six offices in the Rochester, NY, area. Visit their website to learn about their full slate of vision care services and find a clinic location that’s convenient for you.

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