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An OB-GYN on Getting the Proper Nutrition When Pregnant November 7, 2017

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An OB-GYN on Getting the Proper Nutrition When Pregnant, St. Peters, Missouri

Along with top-quality care from a trusted OB-GYN, pregnant women must ensure their diets are replete with nutritious food. In this case, Advanced OB-GYN Services proudly assists women in Saint Peters, MO, with their most pressing health needs, including prenatal care. This entails addressing common concerns about pregnancy and diet, which can boost the health of both mother and child.

Answers to Common Questions About Eating When Expecting

Should Pregnant Women Avoid Fish?

ob-gynWhile eating fish is normally a healthy choice, pregnant woman should proceed with caution. Frequent consumption of fish can increase one’s exposure to mercury, which can significantly harm unborn fetuses and nursing infants. Accordingly, most OB-GYN’s urge women to follow FDA-established guidelines and avoid certain types of fish, such as shark, swordfish, and king mackerel. Fish that are low in mercury can be safely consumed in limited amounts.

What Are Some Other Potentially Dangerous Foods?

Along with some types of fish, pregnant women should practice caution when it comes to food preparation. To reduce the risk of bacterial infection, pregnant women should only consume food that’s been properly cooked. Other items to avoid include unpasteurized milk and raw sprouts, which are known to harbor harmful bacteria. In addition, fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly washed to eliminate toxins.

What Dietary Issues Commonly Affect Pregnant Women?

Many women experience an increase in appetite during the early stages of pregnancy. Strange cravings may also occur, and some women even crave non-edible food items, a disorder known as pica. There is also the matter of morning sickness, which can last throughout pregnancy and make it difficult for women to eat nutritious meals. Talk with your doctor if you begin to experience any of these issues.

Advanced OB-GYN Services acts as a partner in health for every women on their pregnancy journey. Schedule your appointment with an OB-GYN at one of two convenient locations in Missouri. Call (636) 928-1800 to speak to someone in the Saint Peters clinic, or contact the Bridgeton office at (314) 291-2140. You can also visit the website for more information on pregnancy preparation.  

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