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4 Tick Control Products for Dogs October 31, 2017

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4 Tick Control Products for Dogs , Hanover, Massachusetts

Dogs love rolling in the grass, jumping in leaves, and don’t usually wear high socks. They get ticks so often there are species of the little bug named for them — including the dog tick, and its browner cousin, the brown dog tick. Thankfully, tick control doesn’t just apply to humans. Since dog ticks can carry diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia, it’s better not to take any chances with them. Here are a few easy ways to keep the ticks off your pet.

Tick Collars

TickTick Control collars are made with pesticides that keep ticks away. They usually need to be kept on your dog for a certain amount of time before they start working. This isn’t too hard, though — many tick collars are all-terrain, so your dog can swim and bathe while the effects are developing.

Spot-On Tick Control

Products like K9 Advantix II and Frontline Plus are applied directly to your pet’s skin. They provide more dependable protection and don’t need a collar to function, but they’re not as easy to apply. You have to put it on your pet yourself, which can take some time and patience.

Tick Shampoo

The big thing about tick shampoo is the convenience factor. Just apply some when you were going to bathe your dog anyway — kill two pests with one stone.

Tick Spray

Tick spray is good temporary tick control. If you don’t live in a heavily wooded area but are taking your dog on a walk through a potentially tick-filled area, consider spray-on tick control. It’s affordable and can sometimes kill ticks already on their skin.

It’s important to never use any dog tick control on cats — they’re different animals and react differently to chemicals. Always research a product before using it on your dog. Ticks aren’t good news, but neither is sickness. Exercise caution removing any ricks — and good hiking!

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