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3 Signs You Need Well Pump Repairs November 7, 2017

Davenport, Lincoln
3 Signs You Need Well Pump Repairs, Davenport, Washington

When you turn on a faucet in your home, you expect to see steady, clean water. But if you need well pump repairs, you’re going to notice a few key red flags. If your water isn’t running smoothly, your first step should be to prevent additional damage by shutting off the electrical power that supplies your pump and water heater. Then, call in a trusted local contractor to diagnose the issue. Here are a few key signs that your well pump requires professional attention.

3 Indicators That Well Pump Repairs Are Needed

1. Air Coming From the Faucet

If you notice hissing air coming from your faucet, repairs will likely be necessary. This might be caused by the pressure tank or a broken check valve, causing air to get into your pipes.

2. Dirty Water

well-pump-repairIf you notice mud in your water supply, your well pump may be drawing in sand, grit, and sediment. This could possibly be due to a degraded well screen. Wells are normally lined with a steel, iron, or PVC plastic casing, which is built with spaces to allow the surrounding ground water to penetrate the well while keeping sediment out. If this screen corrodes, debris may enter your water supply.

3. High Electric Bills

A problem with your well pump may cause it to run continuously to maintain water pressure. This is a problem, as your pump is powered by electricity, which will put a strain on your utility bills over time and reduce the life span of your amenity.


Since 1985, Halme Electric and Pump has provided residents in Davenport, WA, with top-notch well pump repairs. This trained, licensed crew places customer service as a top priority, so you can rest assured they will handle each job quickly and effectively. To schedule an appointment, give them a call at (509) 725-3500 today, and visit their website for more information on the services they offer.

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