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How Flow Rates Affect Your Commercial Water Treatment November 8, 2017

Clifton Park, Saratoga
How Flow Rates Affect Your Commercial Water Treatment, Clifton Park, New York

When purchasing a commercial water treatment system, you may hear some unfamiliar terms such as water flow rate. Flow rate is an important factor in choosing a water filtration and purification system. The water treatment experts at AquaScience are proud to help residents of Clifton Park and Hyde Park, NY, use flow rate to choose the best commercial water treatment system for your building.

What Are Peak Flow Rate and Service Flow Rate?

commercial water treatmentPeak flow rate measures the amount of water needed to run all water-using fixtures and appliances at once. Devices that require continuous water factor into the service flow rate, which measures how much water these sources need to run simultaneously for 10 minutes. The rate of water flow is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Typically, commercial water usage is over 100 GPM, while residential peak flow rates can range anywhere from 4 GPM to 80 GPM. A water professional can calculate both your peak and service flow rates.

Why Are Flow Rates Important in Water Treatment Systems?

If the peak or the service flow rate is too low for your water filter, you’ll be wasting energy and paying for a system that’s too large for your needs. If either flow rate is too high for your water system, the system won’t be able to keep up with your water demands. Choosing a water treatment system based on your flow rate will save you frustration and money.

The commercial water treatment professionals at AquaScience can help you calculate your flow rate to find the right size of softener or filter for you. Their certified water treatment specialists can install and service water purification systems as well as your routine water maintenance needs. They can help whether you need a purifier, softener, or reverse osmosis system. Call them to schedule your water testing and analysis in Clifton Park at (518) 725-3488 or in Hyde Park (845) 223-3366, or contact them online.

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