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5 Reasons You Need Attic Insulation November 1, 2017

Linwood, Cincinnati
5 Reasons You Need Attic Insulation, Cincinnati, Ohio

Attic insulation plays an important functional role in protecting your home against the elements. While it’s not something homeowners tend to think about regularly, ignoring an insulation problem can become costly. As with any aspect of a house, insulation loses its efficiency over time and will eventually need to be replaced.

Take a look at the list below to find out why attic insulation is so important to maintaining a safe and comfortable household:

  • Maintain Temperature: If your attic isn’t insulated properly, warm air will escape through your roof in the winter, as will cool air in the summer. It could also allow drafts to enter the home, making your living spaces uncomfortably chilly or warm.
  • Keep Pests Out: When insulation is installed correctly, it acts as a deterrent for squirrels, rats, and other creatures. A poorly insulated attic may have holes through which these critters could enter, allowing an infestation to develop inside your home.

attic insulation

  • Prevent Moisture: In addition to regulating the temperature, attic insulation also keeps excess moisture out of the home. Without adequate insulation, moisture could turn into mold and mildew, which could actually make family members sick over time.
  • Minimize HVAC Use: When your home is properly sealed and there are no air leaks present, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to heat or cool your home. With less stress on your systems, it’s likely you’ll need fewer repairs and less overall maintenance.
  • Keep Energy Costs Down: A well-insulated home is also a more efficient home. You’ll use less energy to keep your house comfortable, resulting in lower monthly heating and cooling bills.


If you’ve noticed drafts, rising energy bills, or signs of pests, it could be time to update your attic insulation. For homeowners throughout southern Ohio, northern Kentucky, and eastern Indiana, there’s no better source for new insulation than Priority 1 Construction Service. Their talented team has options to fit every home, including energy-efficient spray foam insulation, which you can learn about on their website. To discuss your needs with one of their experts, call (513) 922-0203.

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