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4 Fun Activities to Enjoy at a Retirement Community December 5, 2017

4 Fun Activities to Enjoy at a Retirement Community  , West Plains, Missouri

Staying socially, mentally, and physically engaged is vital to your happiness and well-being at every stage of life. Unfortunately, many seniors struggle to get the exercise and intellectual stimulation needed to live well. Mobility issues or health concerns might prevent an elderly individual from walking, driving, or otherwise getting around. Fortunately, an excellent retirement community provides a safe setting to explore and enjoy new pastimes. West Vue in West Plains, MO, offers a variety of accessible and exciting activities at its two retirement centers that are appropriate for any senior.

4 Favorite Activities at Retirement Communities

1. Gardening

From harvesting vegetables to trimming rose bushes, gardening is a beloved hobby for many seniors. West Vue provides an expansive outdoor area that’s perfect for nurturing a verdant sanctuary. While residents develop their green thumbs, they also can breathe fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Board & Card Games

Retirement communityActivities like chess, Monopoly®, poker, and rummy are loved by people of all ages. Board and card games allow seniors to not only socialize and have fun but exercise their minds.

3. Fitness Classes

Any level of physical activity promotes a healthy body, heart, and mind. West Vue offers a range of fitness classes like aerobics and Zumba® that older residents can participate in safely. They help people increase their health and have a lot of fun in the process.

4. Wii™ Bowling

Video games aren’t just for kids. A rousing game of Wii bowling is always a lively affair, which is why West Vue hosts competitions at least once a week. Even though the game is virtual, you need precision and skill to get a strike.

If an elderly loved one could benefit from social opportunities, look into West Vue in West Plains, MO. Their friendly staff welcomes seniors to experience the retirement community’s many benefits. They offer everything from independent retirement apartments to premier nursing care services. To learn more about the center, call their Davis Drive office at (417) 256-2152 or their North Kentucky Avenue location at (417) 256-1292 to schedule a tour. Visit them online for more information about the retirement home’s accommodations. 

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