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4 Bathroom Safety Measures to Embrace When Home Remodeling November 7, 2017

St. Paul, Ramsey
4 Bathroom Safety Measures to Embrace When Home Remodeling, St. Paul, Minnesota

When updating your existing bathroom, it’s natural to focus on aesthetics. However, an overhaul of this space is also an excellent opportunity to refocus on safety measures, especially when there are young children or seniors in a household. The experienced home remodeling contractors at Custom Renovations & Builders in Saint Paul, MN, share a few ways to update the bathroom for safety below. 

4 Ways to Update a Bathroom for Safety When Home Remodeling

1. Safety Bars

Home RemodelingBars in shower stalls, bathtubs, and next to toilets are a great opportunity to provide a little extra leverage. Whether you have an elderly family member, limited mobility, or simply desire an extra precaution, these grab bars will be useful for anyone. Plus, with the help of the right home builders, you’ll find versions that fit seamlessly in the new room. 

2. Easy Door Locks

Locking mechanisms on the inside of a bathroom are customary for privacy. As an additional measure, invest in doorknobs that lock on both sides. This way, someone can easily get inside and help during an emergency situation. 

3. Rounded Corners & Hooks

With little ones running around, sink corners, countertop edges, and towel hooks with sharp ends quickly become hazards. By choosing rounded corners and globe-like hooks, you’ll avoid unnecessary dangers. 

4. Walk-In Shower

Stepping into an oversized bathtub with high edges cause problems, especially when you’re in a hurry or recovering from an injury. Instead of traditional tubs, consider a walk-in shower that’s easier to step in and out of.

Finding a top-notch home remodeling contractor that understands your desire to embrace safety is paramount. When locals in the greater Saint Paul, MN, area are interested in upgrading bathrooms to be both beautiful and safety conscious, they consult Custom Renovations & Builders. Call their offices at (612) 788-9608 or visit their website to learn more about their services. 

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