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Hunting Supplies Experts Share a Guide to Turkey Tracking October 31, 2017

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Hunting Supplies Experts Share a Guide to Turkey Tracking, Nekoosa, Wisconsin

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many people throughout Wisconsin have begun planning their holiday dinner menus. In many households, turkey takes the center of the table. If you plan to catch your bird, the hunting supplies and fishing gear specialists at Pritzl's Trading Post in Nekoosa think you should know a few things before the expedition. 

Below, the staff at Wisconsin’s premier hunting supplies company shares a brief guide to make turkey hunting in fall more successful:

  • Locating Wild Birds: Although wild turkeys are large and often make noise, they are difficult to spot, as their feathers blend in with the autumn landscape. While tracking them, look for patches of dirt with raked leaves or scratches, molted feathers, loose or brushed-up soil, broken tree branches, and droppings. These are telltale signs that turkeys are in the area. 
  • Identifying Their Food Sources: As temperatures drop Nekoosa-Wisconsin-hunting-suppliesthroughout Wisconsin, turkeys change their feeding habits. In warmer weather, they hunt for insects in open fields. In fall, they forage for berries and acorns in wooded areas. To find turkeys, identify areas with fruit-bearing plants or plenty of oak trees. 
  • Familiarizing Yourself with Sounds: Wild turkeys communicate with the flock through a series of 30 distinct calling patterns. The sounds are used to identify oncoming threats, and to find mates. You can learn these calls or buy an imitation call to lure birds to your location. 

If you need gear to hunt turkeys this fall, or additional equipment for year-round use, Pritzl’s Trading Post is a one-stop shop for fishing, trapping, and hunting supplies, as well as prepared groceries, craft beer, and wine pairing suggestions for holiday meals. To learn more about this variety store in Nekoosa, call (715) 325-2281 today, or visit the shop online to browse a full inventory. You can also like them on Facebook for announcements.

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