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What’s the Difference Between Supplemental Security Income & Social Security Disability Benefits? November 8, 2017

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What’s the Difference Between Supplemental Security Income & Social Security Disability Benefits?, Charlotte, North Carolina

Do you know the distinctions between Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits? At The Law Office of J. Baron Groshon in Charlotte, NC, experienced attorneys help clients obtain both types of benefits. Here, firm founder Attorney J. Baron Groshon explains what distinguishes the two programs.    

Differences Between Social Security Disability & SSI

Social Security Disability

The federal government administers the Social Security disability program, which is based on workers’ earnings. Funding for Social Security disability benefits comes from contributions employers and employees make into the collective fund.

Social Security disability Charlotte NCGenerally, an individual must have earned enough work credits during their employment to receive benefits. A disabled spouse or children of workers eligible for benefits may receive them as well, based on the person’s record. Individuals who qualify and are approved for Social Security disability benefits receive them regardless of where they live or who lives with them.

Supplemental Security Income

SSI is a federal government program administered by the states. The program was created to help support disabled people who have low income and few resources, and the payments are based on their needs. General tax revenue supplies the funding for the SSI program, and the benefit amounts vary depending on federal and state laws.

People age 65 or older and blind or disabled individuals of any age may qualify. Where a recipient lives and who lives with them may affect their benefits, so when recipients change their living arrangements, they should report the changes to their benefits office.

Backed by more than 28 years of experience, the attorneys at The Law Office of J. Baron Groshon offer skilled and compassionate representation to individuals seeking SSI and Social Security disability benefits.

Applying for and receiving disability benefits can be a difficult process. If you or a loved one is disabled, get help from The Law Office of J. Baron Groshon in Charlotte, NC. Call (704) 342-2876 today to schedule a consultation. Visit their website for more about their services.

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