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Top 7 Travel Safety Tips November 3, 2017

Glastonbury, Hartford County
Top 7 Travel Safety Tips, Glastonbury, Connecticut

Traveling is an exciting way to see the world and enjoy new sights, sounds, tastes, and memorable moments. No matter where your adventures take you, safety and smart habits in new places are critical for making the most of your excursions. Here is a list of seven ways to stay safe on your next voyage.

How to Travel Safely

Itinerary & Emergency Numbers

Before you embark, leave a trusted contact with your itinerary. List where you will be each day and check in regularly, especially if plans change. Besides your contact information, leave them with a backup number for either your travel companion or the hotel in which you are staying. Also, note each area’s emergency numbers—911 isn’t worldwide.

Trip Insurance

Coverage is a great way to protect yourself while away from home. There are different types of plans to cover anything from medical emergencies to cancellations and lost luggage. Trip insurance can also be beneficial in serious events such as natural disasters or traumatic events like crime or political unrest. It can offset the costs of getting to safety.

Scan Important Documents

trip insuranceBefore securing your passport and other important travel documents in your hotel room’s safe, scan and email a digital version to yourself or take a photo on your cell phone. Having this backup is helpful if your items are lost or stolen, or you can’t access them in the safe.

Hotel Escape Plan

Locate exits and stairwells in case of an emergency at your hotel. Study the map of the escape route posted in your room and learn the best way to get you and your family to safety if trouble strikes.


Separate cash and keep money in easy-to-reach areas. Never pull out large amounts of bills. While electronics like smartphones and tablets are convenient and help in a foreign location, be mindful and use them discreetly.

Stay With Your Luggage

Never leave your bags unattended. Thieves can easily snatch your belongings when you are distracted checking into your room or stopping for directions. Keep an eye on your stuff and if possible, place a hand on your items at all times.

State Department Info

State Departments offer travelers up-to-date safety information for destinations around the world. They list necessary vaccinations, security warnings, local laws, and even weather warnings. Websites now allow you to register for updates, so you are always prepared before leaving.

For travel protection, Travel Insured International has the coverage you need no matter where you go. With more than two decades of service and an array of plans from which to choose, the company ensures you have the protection you need for any emergency while you are away. To learn what their plans can do for you, visit them online.

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