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Essential Considerations for Choosing the Best Retirement Community November 28, 2017

Essential Considerations for Choosing the Best Retirement Community, West Plains, Missouri

Moving to a retirement community can help you make the most of your golden years. Many people prefer a local option so they can maintain connections with their neighborhood, friends, and family members. However, seniors often are at a loss regarding other features to look for when choosing a retirement apartment. To ensure you find a residence that meets your current and future needs, keep in mind a few essential features to seek.

Retirement communityThe first step to choosing a retirement community is determining how much assistance you need now and in the future. If you are looking to avoid the isolation of living at home alone, senior housing might be for you. If you need help with household tasks like cooking to cleaning, an elderly care center will have staff members to assist you. If require skilled nursing care or expect to in the future, look for a residence that has medical staff available 24 hours a day.

Another primary consideration when choosing retirement accommodations is affordability. Look for a community that offers a range of housing tiers and financing options so you don’t overextend your budget. Many high-quality centers even cooperate with rent assistance programs to lighten the financial burden.

Social opportunities are among the most appealing aspects of moving to a senior care center. Look for one that schedules a full slate of activities that will keep you mentally and physically fit, such as yoga and other exercise classes, book discussion groups, arts and crafts workshops, and day trips. A retirement community also should have facilities you can enjoy on your own, such as a library or barber shop.

Finally, ask about restrictions; every retirement community has rules for the conduct of its residents, whether it’s the number of visitors you can have at one time, limits on noise, or the ability to cook in your room. Know the regulations before you move in so you can determine if they suit your lifestyle.

The most important step of finding a retirement community is visiting it before you make a commitment. A tour gives you an opportunity to check out the facilities, meet residents, and speak with staff members. While you’re there, evaluate the cleanliness, safety, and atmosphere of the building and the demeanor of the people in it. When it’s time to make a choice, it’s OK to go with your gut — you should feel at ease in your new abode.


If you’re looking for an excellent retirement community in West Plains, MO, consider West Vue. Their two senior care centers, on Davis Drive and North Kentucky Avenue, value and respect all residents. They have accommodation options to suit a variety of requirements — Pleasant Valley Village is ideal for active individuals, Pleasant Valley Manor combines housing and personal support with 24-hour supervision, and West Vue Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers skilled medical care. Visit them online for more information about their locations. To schedule a tour, call (417) 256-2152 for their Davis Drive center and (417) 256-1292 for their North Kentucky Avenue facility.

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