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4 SPARKLING **DIAMOND** FACTS October 23, 2017

West Nyack, Rockland County
4 SPARKLING **DIAMOND** FACTS , West Nyack, New York

By Top Rated Diamond Buyers: American Coins & Gold

Diamonds are shiny, resemble love, and have been around for billions of years.  But what exactly is a diamond?  How are they made?  What is their history? Check out 4 facts about diamonds below to learn more!


Diamonds form in the deep layers of inner Earth called imagethe mantle. Diamonds are created by the immense pressure and heat of being in the mantle. They are formed 100+ miles within Earths surface and are eventually brought up to Earths surface with volcanic rock.   During this process mounds of diamond crystals are forged together during volcanic explosions and reach a level where humans can access them through mining operations.


Diamonds have been around basically since the formation of Earth and throughout history human civilization have discovered and glorified the precious stone.  The meaning of the word “diamond” comes from the Greek word ‘Adamas’, which means “unconquerable & indestructible”.  This is because of the intensity diamonds withstand during their formation in Earth. 

This strength and endurance is related to the endurance of love. In the last 5 centuries diamonds began appearing in engagement rings and wedding rings to symbolize that indestructible bond.


A diamond in theimage rough does not have the shape and appearance of the diamonds you see everyday in jewelry.    Rough diamonds are cut and then polished to create the beautiful sparkly diamonds we all see today.  They can be cut into many different shapes with the most popular shape being a “Round Brilliant” cut which is used in many different rings.


Without getting too ‘sciency’ diamonds actually do not shine, they REFLECT.  When light hits a properly cut diamond it reflects in all directions internally and then outwards.  This causes the diamond to SHINE & SPARKLE when viewed by the human eye.  This appearance along with the rarity of diamonds is what truly gives diamonds their precious reputation.


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