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What Benefits Do You Gain From Installing a Fire Alarm System? December 4, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
What Benefits Do You Gain From Installing a Fire Alarm System?, Anchorage, Alaska

There are probably many ways that you prepare for the unexpected in your life. For instance, you likely pay for health or car insurance in the event you get sick or get into a fender bender. Installing a fire alarm system in your home or business is along this same line. You’re taking action today to protect the lives of your employees or family members from a potentially dangerous event. Below are some other benefits you can expect to receive after installing one of these systems.

3 Benefits of a Fire Alarm System

1. Immediate Emergency Services Contact

When a fire breaks out, it is not uncommon for many in the building to lose all of their senses. This can delay the time it takes for someone to alert the appropriate channels about the fire, which means it will take them longer to arrive. However, with modern fire alarm systems, you don’t have to worry about whether emergency systems were contacted because they automatically send out an alert.

2. Remote Monitoring

A lot of damage can quickly occur if a fire erupts, especially if the location is vacated. A fire alarm system can help you breathe a little easier about leaving your home or business unoccupied. The sophisticated monitoring system will ensure your property always has someone looking after it, and this will reduce the level of destruction that is allowed to occur.

3. Comprehensive Fire Safety Equipment

fire alarm systemIn addition to ensuring emergency personnel is contacted immediately when a fire starts, fire alarm systems are built with state-of-the-art safety equipment. This means in addition to fire extinguishers being available, an emergency sprinkler system will be installed to specifically suit the area of your business or home. This will help to put out the flames before the authorities arrive, and an emergency lighting setup will help everyone safely vacate the building.


When you want to protect your loved ones or employees from the threat of a fire, contact GMW Fire Protection in Anchorage, AK, about installing a fire alarm system today. They carry a variety of products and services to meet any building needs and codes. If you’d like to learn more about their fire safety products and services, call them today at (907) 336-5000 or visit their website.

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