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The Difference Between Dental Crowns & Bridges November 1, 2017

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The Difference Between Dental Crowns & Bridges, Columbia, Maryland

If you have a damaged or fractured tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental crown or bridge procedure. Both prosthetic devices are similar in that they are fixed and cemented onto the existing teeth. However, it’s important to understand the differences between dental crowns and bridges, so you can find the treatment best fitting for your needs.

Dental Crowns

crowns & bridgesA dental crown is a permanent cap designed to cover over a damaged tooth and improve its aesthetic appearance and structure. It is often placed on top of an implant, or used to repair a decayed tooth after a restorative procedure, such as a root canal. Crowns can be made from a few types of materials, however, the most popular is porcelain because it can match the surrounding teeth. Porcelain can also be bonded to metal to make the crown more durable.

Dental Bridges

Unlike crowns, dental bridges are made to bridge a gap between teeth, rather than replace one particular tooth. Because of this, they are often recommended to patients who are missing more than one tooth. The bridge is cemented to the natural teeth at the end of each gap, and therefore do not require an existing tooth as a foundation. Without a bridge to replace the gap, your teeth can shift, which can cause gum damage or even change your speech.  


If you’re unsure as to which prosthetic device is best for your oral health needs, turn to Rajendra Desai, D.D.S. P.A. in Columbia, MD, for professional guidance. The premier dental practice offers a wide variety of dental care solutions, with an emphasis on cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. To schedule an appointment today, contact the office at (410) 997-7412. You can also visit their website for more information on their full list of service, including crowns and bridges. 

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